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Kenny x Jackie *LEMON* :icontailsthefoxfan717:TailsTheFoxFan717 0 0
Kenny McCormick x Jackie Kenneth *Lemon*
(Jackie Kenneth is actaully not my name,it's a character in a lot of stories,there's a south park story i saw her in,its not done though,but I thought they were a cute couple so I wrote this here's the story if you wanna check it out)
Kenny walked into Jackie's room and climbed ontop of the sleeping Jackie,stadrling her,Jackie mumbled in her sleep and opened her eyes groggily,when she realised Kenny was stradling her she blushed brightly and squirmed underneath him. "K-Kenny?!"She asked nervously,Kenny smiled perveritdly and unzipped his jacket. taking it off, "Hello Jackie~"He whispered seductively. "W-what are you doing here?!"Jackie asked,Kenny grinned evily and pulled out a pair of handcuffs "Just here to have a little fun~"He cooed,Kenny sat back up and unbuttoned his jeans,Jackie's eyes widened. "Kenny,get off me!"She said bitterly,trying to push him off,Kenny chuckled. "This is gonna be really fun.."He said,Kenny took her wrists and handcuffed her wrists to the headboard,she tri
:icontailsthefoxfan717:TailsTheFoxFan717 9 6
Phrases That Make Me Feel Better #1
A girl really likes a boy,a lot.
But the boy likes different girl,a lot.
She doesn't feel the same though,friend zone,just like he does to the first girl.
So the girl just says in her head with a smile.
The Girls who wait longer for the guys,are the best lovers in the end.
:icontailsthefoxfan717:TailsTheFoxFan717 1 1
America: I smile to keep back tears
That threaten to spill by your torture
By the taunting and teasing
And endless name calling
Your hateful glares
To them I smile
To keep from breaking down
Russia: To insults and stereotypes
I laugh
To keep from sobbing
To push your words away with a creepy gesture
To keep myself together
Japan: At your taunts and teases I keep silent
Because I know if I were to open my mouth
My tears and harsh or depressed words would fall out
So wordless I remain
To keep myself sane
Romano: Harsh words fall from my mouth each day
Because i’m too afraid to say
That I am lonely and sad
I insult and curse at you each day
Because I’m afraid to be alone
But also to be rejected
So I use my colorful language
To push you all away
Norway: At harsh words and hateful curses
I remain emotionless
Because if I don’t
I know i’ll break down and let all my pent up emotions out
So I remain blunt and s
:icontailsthefoxfan717:TailsTheFoxFan717 6 2
Spin The Bottle:Hetalia x Reader:Canada
The bottle spun around until it landed on...
      'Oh no...'You thought nervously,you've liked Canada ever since third grade and was too shy to tell him,and it didnt help he was even more shy and timid than you.
    "Hey! Canada!...when did you get here?"America asked,France and England facepalmed
 "He's been here the whole time you dope!"France sneered,America chuckled nervously
    "Right...right"He said,France smiled
 "Oh right...(Y/n) got you didnt she Canada?~"
Canada blushed and averted his eyes
    "Y-yes"He said quietly
 "So...are you going to kiss her,or do I have to?"He asked teasingly,knowing all about Canada's crush on you,Canada glared at him and set Kumajirou down beside him and let out a nervouse breath.
   He crawled over to you and placed his lips on top of yours
:icontailsthefoxfan717:TailsTheFoxFan717 12 3
My bestfriends by TailsTheFoxFan717 My bestfriends :icontailsthefoxfan717:TailsTheFoxFan717 0 0
Hanzo x Reader part 2
Hanzo walked into the room where you were setting up the bed,he watched you with content eyes,inside his head,he was laughing his ass off at you trying to putthe sheets on the bed,but remained expressionless.You stopped and glared at him.
   "Can I help you?"You asked bitterly,he shook his head and continued to watch you,you rolled your eyes and continued with the sheets,you growled when they can up from under the matteress,Hanzo chuckled,you glared at him again.
   "Is something amusing?"You asked,he nodded and gently without difficulty,put the sheet on the bed.
 "Fuck you.."
    "We just met"
    "Well you said it,not me" 
   "You know what I meant"
Hanzo rolled his eyes.He was having fun teasing you,and contiuned.
  "But still...we should get to know eachother more before doing those sort of things"He said bluntly,you blushed
      "Your an asshole,ya' know that?"
:icontailsthefoxfan717:TailsTheFoxFan717 5 6
Hanzo x Reader part 1
LOL I cant believ im doing this,but whateves o3o i can do what I want. This is a character from a 'Shall we date game' if you've played it,cool,if not GO LOOK IT UP or you will be a little lost,nope I dont own Hattori Hanzo Kazemasa,or you,so enjoy my idiocey.CUSSING WARNING
You stared bordely at the dating game your friend was showing,she sent it to you on facebook,the guys were hot,sure,but the engeries took too long to load.You were playing with a really rude and cold character,Hattori Hanzo Kazemasa,he was a batsard...
     "I can't believe she sent me this shit..."You mumbled and got up,you went to the kitchen to get a (f/d).
You opened the fridge and there was a large explosion.
   "What the fuck?!"You yelled,running back to your room,there was a man with dark green hair wearing a bright green kimono,he had a sword and a scar over his left
:icontailsthefoxfan717:TailsTheFoxFan717 7 3
Spin The Bottle:Hetalia x Reader:England
The bottle spun around until it landed on...
'Oh shit Oh shit OH shit!'You screamed in your head,England's face matched the shade of yours and he coughed in his hands.
    "Uh...W-well l-lets g-get t-t-this over w-with..."He mumbled,crawling shyly over to you,he took your face in one hand and pecked your lips,he went to go back to his seat when America interjected.
     "Oh hell no,that was not a kiss!"He yelled
    "Nope,nope,nope,no argueing,that wasnt a kiss,now you listen to your father and kiss her"America said grinning,he was dead drunk,England glared at him.
   "Im older than you!"
America frowned.
  "Now boy! I know you heard me,go get laid!"He yell
:icontailsthefoxfan717:TailsTheFoxFan717 21 1
Spin The Bottle:Hetalia x Reader:Russia
The bottle spun around until it landed on...
Your cheeks turned bright red,to be honest you were a little intimidated by the aborable Russian for two reasons,one,he is a little scary when angered,and two,you might have a huge crush on him.
   You looked up and accidently made eye contact with him,you blushed and looked down,Russia smiled brightly.
 "Oh arent I lucky,I get to kiss the pretty sunflower~"He said happily,you refused to look at him,he smiled even brighter,Russia got on his knees and crawled over to you,he took her fave in one hand and made you look at him.
    "Oh come on,sunflower~ arent you happy about kissing me?"He asked,your cheeks were on fire and this made Russia giggle
 "Ooh~ I get it,your embarassed~ Is this your f
:icontailsthefoxfan717:TailsTheFoxFan717 33 9
How They See Me by TailsTheFoxFan717 How They See Me :icontailsthefoxfan717:TailsTheFoxFan717 0 0
Spin The Bottle:Hetalia x Reader:Allies:Norway
The bottle spun around until it landed on...
You blushed a deep red as your crush looked up slightly and then at you,he didnt really seem to care,this sadened you a little and you looked away.
  "Y-you d-dont have t-to k-k-kiss me i-if you d-dont want to"You said shyly,playing with the hem of your skirt as you sat on your legs and looked away from him,you heard Norway sigh and move from his seat,you looked back at him and squeaked in surprise when you saw him so close to your face,he was starign at you,you tried to move away from him but he put a hand on the back of your head to keep you still,he wrapped the other arm around your waist losely and brushed his lips against yours.
  Your face burned from the blush,your heard him chuckled.,he licked his lips and gave you
:icontailsthefoxfan717:TailsTheFoxFan717 14 9
Spin The Bottle:Hetalia:Allies x Reader INTRO~
You watched as America annoyed England at his 4th of July slumber party,he invited all the axis,and you even though you were human.
    America was throwing small firecrackers at England's feet just to hear him cuss and China was video taping it.France was sitting on the ground next to you and Russia was on the other side of you,drinking a small bottle of vodka.Norway ((yes he was part of the Allies!I added him for my own reasons,but he really was part of the Allies in WWII)) was sitting on the ground and looked out onto the small ocean below the cliff you all were on.
    "Hey guys! let's play a game!"America said,picking up and empty beer bottle"Sit in a circle and we'll play!"
 Every did what he said and America sat the bottle in the middle of all of them.
   "Please dont tell me..."You mumbled,blushing,you didnt like these kinds of game,the others thought is was adorable about how shy you were about these games,that's exactly why America picked it
:icontailsthefoxfan717:TailsTheFoxFan717 15 3
Norway x Reader:Just call me Big Brother
"Come on"
    "I said no"
   "But why?"
  "Because I said no"
 "It's not that hard to say 'Big Brother' or you can call me 'onii-chan' if you would rather..."
    "I'm not gonna say it"
 You and Norway were having a argument about calling him,'Bg brother' and Denmark was watching with amusment.
   "Come on (Y/N),if you want i'll call you 'Little sister'"Norway offered,placing his hand on you thigh,you blushed and turned away from him.
 "No"You answered,Norway rolled his eyes,he leaned in and whispered in your ear softly,
     "You know you want to~"
You blushed bright red and burried you face in a pillow on the couch,Denmark laughed.
  "What is so funny you damn Dane..."You mumbled bitterly
      "The fact that you wont admit you li-"Denmark started but shut up when you sent him a death-glare,if looks could kill...Denmark would be on the floor.
  You don
:icontailsthefoxfan717:TailsTheFoxFan717 62 19
Your a what now?(Hetalia x Reader)
(By the way,they think your a guy but your really a girl in this story just wanted to give you a heads up! :3)
You lounged about in your room,looking at fanfictions on devianart when you got a text from the oh,so famous American.
     Hey (Y/N) come on to my sleepover we're gonna talk about girls 'n' shit!
You rolled you eyes,you thought it was kind of weird that they were talking about girls to a girl,but brushed it off,they did this kind of thing all the time and they almost seem to think you were a guy....nah,they're just slow...
    You got up and packed up all your stuff,including some tampons because America just picked the best time to decide to have a sleepover...
     You grabed your phone and texted back a quick reply and headed out,shouting a goodbye to your mom,you left a note,she should be fine,and headed to America's house,it was only about a five minute walk so it didnt take you long.
   You trotted up
:icontailsthefoxfan717:TailsTheFoxFan717 9 7
Italy glared at the computer screen and huffed.
     He was looking up some 'Italian stereotypes' to see what the rest of he world thought of him...mainly 'cause he was bored...
  But these were rediculoius! He looked over to his nice (and pretty) roommate,(Y/N) and smiled lightly,he brought his laptop over to her and sat beside her.
     "Hey...(Y/N) can I ask you some stuff?"He asked,she looked up from her book and smiled at him
   "Sure,you can ask me anything"She answered,she was expecting something like 'can you explain something to me' or-
        "Do you think i'm dumb?"Italy asked,(Y/N) frozed and looked at him with a 'WTF' face
      "What?"She asked
         "Do you think i'm dumb?"He repeated with a sad look on his face
      "Why would you ask me that?"She asked,Italy groaned
        "Just answer bella!"
    " of course
:icontailsthefoxfan717:TailsTheFoxFan717 4 5


INTERACTIVE L by SonicRocksMySocks INTERACTIVE L :iconsonicrocksmysocks:SonicRocksMySocks 4,844 1,664 INTERACTIVE KYO FLASH GAME by NamiOki INTERACTIVE KYO FLASH GAME :iconnamioki:NamiOki 2,941 955
2P! ARTHUR KIRKLAND: User Guide And Manual
                     2P! ARTHUR KIRKLAND: User Guide and Manual
CONGRATULATIONS! You have just received a 2P! ARTHUR KIRKLAND unit. This unit is rather sweet and affectionate, but does have a darker side like most of the “2P” units do. This manual is to ensure your physical safety and sanity, as well as that you never deal with that darker side.
Technical Specifications:
Name: Arthur Kirkland. Will also respond to Arthur, Artie, Mr. Kirkland, Cupcake, Madman, Crazy bastard, Psycho, (Negatively to the past three) and Iggy. Oddly enough, responds to Oliver and Ollie as well.
Age: 23
Place of Manufacture: London, England
Height: 5’9
Weight: 130 pounds.
Length: Completely sweet.
Your 2P! ARTHUR KIRKLAND unit comes with the following:
Two (2) pink sweater vests
Two (2) sky blue bowties
One (1) cookbook for various sweets/pastries
Two (2) very large, sharp knives.
Two (2) kits of skin-colored powder
:iconyumehoshichan:YumeHoshiChan 154 58
Psychotic attraction Alois x reader part 3
The previous night was a blur. You know you'd lost yourself to a psychotic boy...but it wasn't bothersome at this point. You'd lost everything...what was your innocence at this point? You woke up, holding Alois close beside you. His arms were tightly gripping you, hugging you tightly.
Claude made his way into the room, opening the blinds, pouring tea,just as a butler should. He had a face painted on, it was obvious he had known what had happened last night.
Alois awoke, smiling to you, then giving a grin the Claude.
"Claude...dress us." Alois looked at you once again. "Or..wait...should we bathe..." He began to laugh. He couldn't stop. "Oh Claude...last night was one of legend! You should right a book on it! Olé...!" Alois jumped from bed. "Yes." He looked serious. "Leave us...we need to wash up...and there's no need for you to see her...she's mine. Get out."
"Yes, your highness..." Claude exited the room. Alois signaled you to follow him to the bath.
He helped you into the tub, he hel
:iconretartedfangirl22:Retartedfangirl22 247 97
Link x Romani
(Note: This series of events is a gift to Faye, who accepts this couple. :D I accept it too, by the way. lol)
A young boy with dirty blonde hair stretched as he woke up on a haystack in a creamy color walled barn. He wore a green shirt and green skirt at all times, even when he slept, and never went anywhere without his green hat, even to the shower. To one side lay the gear he had kept: his bow and arrows, fire and ice arrows, hookshot, a few masks, and his golden Gilded Kokiri Sword and Mirror Shield.
He slept in the barn for no real reason. He just… did. The two fairies that “helped” him, Tatl and Cherry, lived in the main house of Romani Ranch. It was here, in Termina, that Link had discovered something… unexpected. While his home originally was Hyrule, he had fallen in love with a young girl
:iconjoshing3the7kokiri:Joshing3the7Kokiri 10 123
BEN Drowned // One step closer to insanity by MidnightAxyll BEN Drowned // One step closer to insanity :iconmidnightaxyll:MidnightAxyll 198 66 Game OVER by Kamik91 Game OVER :iconkamik91:Kamik91 770 32 BEN's on your screen! by Ari-chii19 BEN's on your screen! :iconari-chii19:Ari-chii19 411 29 someone take my ipad away from me by PrincessSakura1221 someone take my ipad away from me :iconprincesssakura1221:PrincessSakura1221 66 16 Find them by MHD0524 Find them :iconmhd0524:MHD0524 483 18 Let's Play a game. by PrincessSakura1221 Let's Play a game. :iconprincesssakura1221:PrincessSakura1221 114 26 Ben drowned 2 :creepy pasta by ichimatsu14 Ben drowned 2 :creepy pasta :iconichimatsu14:ichimatsu14 739 66 Ben drowned 2(before edit) :creepy pasta by ichimatsu14 Ben drowned 2(before edit) :creepy pasta :iconichimatsu14:ichimatsu14 314 24 Shackled by TheRedDeathBringer Shackled :iconthereddeathbringer:TheRedDeathBringer 189 27 nice hair by IcyMesh nice hair :iconicymesh:IcyMesh 250 43 Not again by IcyMesh Not again :iconicymesh:IcyMesh 261 41



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